Becky Rosa

Barbie: Botox & Filler Set

40 x 36 ″

Mixed Media


Life in plastic, is it really fantastic? Becky Rosa’s Barbie-inspired artworks are a twist on thinking outside the box—more like thinking about the box; all the boxes people are put in, the roles and identities they take on. In this day and age, are we not all Barbies changing our identities as easily as we change outfits? And why are certain identities taboo? Rosa's life-size creation calls attention to the paradoxical expectation for female bodies to be both sexy and innocent, accessible yet pristine. Barbie: Botox & Filler Set pokes humor at society's obsession with youth, but does not belie the darker undertones that surface when considering the double standards around the ways the appearance of youth is attained. One might say it's a matter of self-preservation.