Brandusa Niro

A lifelong painter, the fashion media titan makes a full return to her greatest passion, creating ethereal portraits of the extraordinary women who have graced her life and career.


Brandusa Niro, a contemporary multi-disciplinary artist based in Palm Beach and New York, traces her artistic lineage back to her upbringing in Romania. Immersed in a family of creatives, her aunt Geta Caragiu renowned as a sculptor and her uncle Toma Caragiu a famous actor in both film and theatre, Niro's artistic journey started very early. Brandusa began garnering recognition by winning Romanian National art competitions and captivating audiences on the silver screen, starring in the biggest blockbuster Romanian film "Uncle Marin, the Billionaire," Niro's talents shone brightly.

Relocating to the United States, Niro became a titan in the media and publishing worlds eventually becoming Senior Vice President at IMG Media. In 2002, she laid the foundation for her legacy by founding the esteemed American Fashion industry publication, The Daily Front Row, where she remains as Editor-in-Chief today. Throughout these years, Brandusa Niro continued to create artwork and is now making a full return to her greatest passion that never left.

In Brandusa Niro’s newest series of acrylic paintings entitled ‘Models’ her inspiration pays homage to the extraordinary women who have graced Niro's life and career. With each portraits’ brushstroke, Niro conjures visions of ethereal beauty, infusing her canvases with a great use of bright colors and evoking a range of emotions and moods. A blend of realism and impressionism, Brandusa’s muses are elongated and graceful with luminous eyes that pierce the soul, while their oversized heads and unfinished hands imbue them with an otherworldly allure. The ‘Models’ series evokes senses of sexiness and sensuality yet an eerie, almost haunting, quality, inviting viewers to contemplate the transient nature of beauty itself.

Blue Eyes
Brandusa Niro

Blue Eyes, 2023

 Acrylic on canvas.

With blue like this, you don’t need charms to ward off the evil eye. This Model beauty’s eyes follow you wherever you go in the room, outside, in your dreams, in your fantasies. Inspired by the young British model Stella Jones.

My muses’ stories begin with their eyes, they go on through the languorous movement of their bodies, their endless limbs, the mood behind the strands of hairs caressing their long necks… and from there on they ask their viewer to continue the story with their own imagination.

Brandusa Niro