Becky Rosa is a London-born Pop Artist who works in a diverse range of mediums including sculpture, painting, street art, printing, neon and more. Her now iconic Birkream was her first foray into the art world in 2015 after starting her globally successful streetwear label. Influenced by the likes of Tom Wesselmann and Claes Oldenburg, Rosa often combines contrasting objects as in Birkream—a melting ice cream cone topped with the quintessential luxury status symbol: The Birkin.

The whimsical sculpture radiates with luminous shine, emphasizing the smooth curves of the melting treat and the glossy sheen of the fashionable accessory. Rosa’s artistic ingenuity stems from her ability to seamlessly merge the ephemeral and the glamorous, evoking a sense of playfulness while commenting on consumer culture. Rosa’s Birkream is a visual delight, inviting viewers to contemplate the transient nature of pleasure and the allure of material possessions.

Throughout her young career, Rosa has focused on themes of consumerism, society issues and current affairs, combined with childhood, fashion, and food. With less than a decade under her belt, her works have attained rapid success with both established and emerging collectors and are placed in collections worldwide. She has collaborated with the likes of Bombay Sapphire, JP Morgan, Coachella ArtHouse with Adidas, and Bacardi Women’s Summit. Since 2015, Rosa has participated in numerous art fairs from Miami to Hong Kong, and since 2018, she has had several solo shows around the world and has been included in two exhibitions at the Cornell Art Museum in Delray Beach, Florida. Rosa currently resides and creates her art in Florida.



S16 Gallery at CONTEXT Art Miami 2022, S16 Gallery

Avant Gallery at Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary | Art Wynwood 2021, Avant Gallery

Avant Gallery at SCOPE Miami Beach 2016, Avant Gallery