Mariano, better known by his tag BNS, is a Buenos Aires-born, Brooklyn-based street artist. BNS uses aerosol paint, acrylic, and silkscreen to create his signature gritty aesthetic. His passionate, expressive style is deeply rooted in urban spaces, graffiti, and global street art culture. BNS’s canvases and murals appear in cities around the world, including in the U.S., Spain, Australia, Russia and Argentina.

In 2017, his work was shown with Avant Gallery at the international SCOPE Art Fairs in Miami and Basel, Switzerland, as well as at Art Wynwood in Miami. In November of 2018, BNS announced that he is color blind. In 2019, the artist participated in the prestigious Art Miami art fair with Avant Gallery.

BNS fisheye
BNS fisheye

BNS in the studio

Combining aerosol paint, acrylics, silkscreen, inks, collage and photography in his compositions, BNS builds each work with over 30 different layers. BNS describes his work as energetic and intricate, and influenced by everything from old school hip hop to the natural world.

BNS studio Barcelona

The silkscreen process BNS uses is notably unconventional. The screens are burnt and hand pulled by the artist himself so that he can regulate the pressure of each pull in order to achive different results. Every screen is applied onto canvas without any registration and each screen is only used once.All these factors give each image its own unique look that can not be reproduced even if desired.

BNS studio silkscreen process
BNS studio signing

Most of the works are made on canvas, while others are on wood panels with a resin finish. These panels and their frames are hand-mitred and sanded in the studio. Usually the resin finish consists of at least 5 coats creating a depth effect, which really pops the colors of the artwork.

Each unique piece of art includes over thirty layers of different hand-pulled silkscreens layered over spray paint, paint markers, acrylic paint and ink and often collaged with lokta papers.



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