Victoria Ledig

Through her evocative paintings, Ledig invites viewers to explore the multifaceted nature of being a woman, embracing both strength and vulnerability.


Victoria Ledig is a Berlin-based artist whose multimedia work encompasses painting, ceramics, and art direction. With a background in sustainable fashion and a passion for empowering women, her art reflects a blend of personal and social themes. Her recent transition to motherhood has inspired her to reconnect with hands-on creative processes, resulting in a vibrant and diverse body of work.

In her paintings, Ledig explores the feminine form and spirit, as seen in works like A Mother's Touch and Comfort Me. These pieces showcase her use of acrylic on cotton canvas, with a bold style that combines elements of expressionism and contemporary portraiture. Ledig's focus on the female form as a central subject in her paintings is a way of exploring her own identity, and empowering other women by giving their emotions and realities a space to tell their stories. She cites Alice Neel, Mary Cassatt, and Elizabeth Catlett as some of her greatest artistic influences, inspiring her to address themes such as motherhood, identity, and empowerment in her work.

Ledig's artistic journey is marked by significant achievements and experiences. Born to a Lithuanian father and Siberian mother in the 1980s, she spent a decade in the Netherlands, where she studied design and worked in sustainable fashion. Her work has been exhibited at prestigious venues such as the Boymans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, the Mudac Museum in Lausanne, and during events like Salone del Mobile in Milan and Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. As a mother and an artist, Ledig continues to inspire and empower through her art, teaching, and personal journey. In February 2024, she joined Avant Gallery, further expanding her artistic horizons and sharing her unique vision with a wider audience.

A Mother's Touch
Victoria Ledig

A Mother's Touch, 2023

Acrylic on Cotton Canvas.

Several works of Ledig’s capture intimate moments of motherhood, highlighting the love, exhaustion, and unique bond between mother and child. In describing her work A Mother’s Touch, Ledig says: “I want the women I paint to take up the space they need and to show up as they are. Big, with body mass, with round bellies, milk spills and tired eyes included.” Her motivation—and goal—is to show both the rawness and tenderness of being a mother; a reality that is unfiltered but profoundly beautiful for all its challenges.

I feel like the image [of mothers] we have culturally in our minds reflects expectations and idealizations rather than realities. This ideal image has no space for the complexities of what it means to be a mother. Motherhood is not one-dimensional.

Victoria Ledig

Painting women is my way of exploring my own identity and figuring out my different roles in this world—what it means to be a woman, for me.

Victoria Ledig