Avant Gallery Debuts A Timely Trilogy by Renowned Photographer Tim Tadder

Avant Gallery Debuts A Timely Trilogy by Renowned Photographer Tim Tadder

Nothing to see series by Tim Tadder - Magenta and Blue

      Nothing to See / Untitled #10


October 6, 2020 — Avant Gallery is delighted to announce its new representation of Tim Tadder, an established photographer with rich experience in both contemporary fine art and commercial work. Tadder’s “Nothing to See” and “United States of Purple” series are on view exclusively at Avant Gallery, and Tadder’s highly anticipated third series “Black is a Color” will debut at Avant imminently

Since its launch in Miami Beach in 2007, Avant Gallery has become an exciting and innovative presence in the art world, committed to showing both established as well as early-to-mid-career contemporary artists.

Avant Gallery is pleased to present Tadder’s striking photographic explorations of ongoing social and political currents. Tadder’s otherworldly works highlight both the uncertainty and the hope present in today’s political climate and juxtapose foreboding and freedom in an effort to understand the world as it exists today. His dramatic visual examinations of the political realm captivate and inspire inquiry into the world around us.

Tadder’s fine art repertoire responds to the political divisions America faces as a nation. His series depict a moment of resistance against a “new normal” in which dishonesty functions as the currency of political success. Tadder’s prints resonate with viewers and ask whether they will recognize the policies and propaganda meant to divide us or choose to remain blind. With powerful imagery and striking utilization of color, these works compel viewers to break free from the ever-present narratives spun by politicians and media alike and take a moment to see, with fresh eyes, the nation as it is today.

To create these pieces, Tadder and his team airbrush models with a full coat of body paint. In order to generate an otherworldly, smooth base, Tadder incorporates models with Alopecia, an immune disorder that results in hair loss. Tadder then uses complex studio lighting techniques to lead the eye to specific aspects of the image. The smooth surface of the body paint on the models, combined with the mastery of photographic lighting for which Tadder is known, allows the artist to create images that exude lush visual messages.

Woman posing next to photograph

Nothing to See / Untitled #2 / Installation View / Avant Gallery

Tim Tadder’s studio is deeply rooted in the belief that working toward sustainable social change encompasses both community and charitable initiatives. Tadder states that he is driven by “passionate people, creative values, and philanthropic principles.” He is confident that representation by Avant Gallery “will truly pique the interest of and elicit a response from all generations.”

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tadder recently spearheaded a nationwide Art for Assistants initiative in which artists around the world donated prints to sell at $100 per print. All of the proceeds went to the creatives behind the scenes of production sets across the country. The initiative then went viral, raising over $276,503 in funds allocated directly to the Art for Assistants program.

Avant Gallery is proud to represent Tim Tadder and is excited by the strong social response his works invite. President and Founder Dmitry Prut and his dedicated team of staff and partners are committed to fostering art and community around the world. As such, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Tadder’s works at Avant will be donated to social justice charities.

You can inquire about Tim Tadder’s exclusive exhibition at Avant Gallery in Miami at Brickell City Center and in New York at Hudson Yards. To view Tim Tadder’s work visit www.avantgallery.com or request a PDF catalogue by emailing hello@avantgallery.com. Avant Gallery can be found on Instagram @AvantGallery, and Tim Tadder is on Instagram @TimTadder.

About Tim Tadder
Tim Tadder is an internationally acclaimed photographer. Well-known for his highly inventive conceptual advertising photography, Tadder has been ranked in the top 200 photographers worldwide by the prestigious Lurzer’s International Archive Magazine. In 2015, Epson, the world leader in photographic printing technology, recognized Tadder as one of the top influential photographers, producing a TV commercial and worldwide ad campaign featuring Tadder and his work.

Tadder’s awards include:
• 2020 Communication Arts Excellence Award
• 2019 Communications Arts Photography Annual
• Stars of Design Photographer of the Year
• 2018 Communications Arts Photography Annual
• #1 Advertising Photographer in U.S. Lurzer’s Archive Magazine
• #6 Worldwide Advertising Photographer Lurzer’s Archive Magazine
• Applied Arts Annual 2013
• Behance #1 Most Appreciated Project of 2012
• Communications Arts Photo Annual 2012

About Avant Gallery
Founded in Miami Beach in 2007, Avant Gallery is committed to enriching contemporary art on the world stage by supporting bold innovation, dynamic practices and visual experimentation. The gallery represents a wide range of emerging and mid-career artists.

Avant Gallery operates from multiple distinct venues: a flagship in Downtown Miami at Brickell City Centre; Four Seasons, Jumeirah Resort, Dubai, featuring a curated salon exhibition conceptualized as Artmosphere®; and its newest flagship location in New York City at Hudson Yards. From ambitious gallery exhibitions to immersive installations and performance experiences, Avant Gallery is dedicated to building an environment where art, culture and luxury converge.

Tim Tadder Inquiries
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Tim Tadder Inquiries
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