Leo Caillard

Artist Léo Caillard toys with our relationship with time, our understanding of materials and the experience of viewing itself


Leo Caillard was born in Paris, France in 1985. He belongs to this new generation of artists associated with the significant changes that have been taking place since the 2000s with the dawn of the digital age and the new concerns of societies.

A proponent of new technologies and science, his interests lay in exploring time and quantum physics, eventually leaving the world of numbers and expressing his investigations through a career in art. Graduating from École des Gobelins in 2008, he continued studying the history of art and practiced photography while carrying out research in the realm of 3D and new media.

In the 2010s he began to produce his first works to gain recognition in the art world, an initial series of images, ‘Art Game’ raising the question of digital’s place among classical art in museums. His series ‘Hipsters in Stone’ followed rapidly bringing great visibility from 2012 onwards. Through the gesture of dressing statuary in the Louvre, that may perhaps at first seem merely humorous, Leo Caillard raises the question of our social codes and our own representation as individuals.

Leo Caillard

Hipster Farnese, 2018

Bronze and marble base

Caillard's “Hipsters in Stone” series, revisits some of the most classical figures of the Louvre’s extensive sculpture collection.
"At the beginning, to dress the statues up, I used to work with a technique called photo manipulation. I used to shot models, who had similar body types, with the clothes on and in the exact same angle than the statues in the museum and with the exact same light direction as well in order to be able to match the images together perfectly. But now that I am working on “real” statues more and more. I prefer to dress them by directly sewing the pieces of clothing on the marble with a very special handmade technique in order to have a real dressed up statue."

Recently there has been a radical return to the past, a sort of ‘neo-Renaissance’ where artists, intellectuals of all persuasions, seek to draw upon classical cultures to regain strong roots with a new way of thinking, contrary to a linear temporal approach on account of the fact that science and technology cause us to rethink history as a circular, interconnected, almost metaphysical totality.

Léo Caillard
Hipster Venus
Hipster Venus
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