Oily Bananas


Florian Eymann (b. 1980, Auxerre, France) is a self-taught artist best known for his oil paintings in which he explores dark themes. In dismantling and reinterpreting faces and expressions of the traditional portraiture, Eymann leans into experiments with form and relation. Largely inspired by art history, Eymann incorporates techniques reminiscent of Caravaggio and Francis Bacon. He draws on art history for subject matter as well; many of his works are reinterpretations of iconic paintings, from masterpieces like The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa to Pop Art classics like Andy Warhol’s depiction of Marylin Monroe.

In 2018, Eymann’s works were shown with Avant Gallery at the Art New York art fair and at SCOPE during Art Basel in Switzerland. The following year, Eymann’s work was shown with Avant Gallery at the Art Miami art fair. Eymann’s first U.S. solo show took place at Avant Gallery in New York in March of 2020, just days after singer Marc Anthony acquired several of the artist’s paintings. Since then, Eymann has had several solo shows, participated in a number of group shows, and has been exhibited at Art Miami and Art Wynwood art fairs with Avant Gallery. Eymann currently lives and works out of France.