Marcos Anziani’s “Storytelling” Opens at Avant Gallery

On February 10th, 2022, Avant Gallery New York City at Hudson Yards will present Marcos Anziani’s first major exhibition “Storytelling”. His work will also appear across Avant’s several locations, making this emerging voice’s striking paintings viewable in an innovative macro-exhibition format.

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1984, Anziani was raised in the Bronx. He now lives and works in Connecticut, producing large format paintings that blend the verve of street art with the tradition of abstract expressionism.

His chaotic forms are balanced by his control of color, with images emerging out of the bold acrylic strokes on the surface of the canvas.

In “Storytelling”, Anziani presents a personal narrative in his trademark style. The pieces interrogate the stories we tell ourselves about our own lives, as well as the lives of others. Through a mixture of introspection and observation, he evokes the world as it feels to us. Like all great storytellers, his pieces give us a new way to see ourselves and each other. It is deeply human and evocative, diving into the particularity of the artist’s experience and returning with work that speaks to the universal.

Paintings on display include:


The Old Brooklyn: An exploration of identity and the memories of youth with a mixture of sighing nostalgia and the full force of the present. Here, the artist creates a scene of a lost time.


Colmado (Corner Store): This lively scene from the Dominican Republic shows the revelry and joy of friends gathering. The bright background and staggered forms call us to join in on the fun.


Pilón (Mortar and Pestle): An image of a young Anziani asking for a dance at the merengue at a house party in the Dominican Republic. The anticipation and nervous excitement are made palpable by the composition.


En Nueva Yol (In New York): The artist’s story of arriving in New York and eventually making it his home. The story is fully Anziani’s, though he makes room for the many immigrant experiences that weave together in the city.


Desayuno (Breakfast): Here, three friends share a breakfast after too much time apart. Despite this, they return to each other’s company as if nothing had changed. This continual return to one’s roots is a central feature in Anziani’s Storytelling series.


Bon Voyage: A florist is shown tending to all the things that take time to bloom — just as we are all on a journey from seed to flower to our eventual return to the soil.


Besa La Mano (Ask for Blessings): This painting shows the Caribbean custom of asking an elder for a blessing when greeting or saying goodbye. Here, a young woman and a grandfather are together, with the work spanning the life cycle.


Single Origin: A scene of the artist’s family sitting in an outdoor cafe in Dumbo. Multiple generations share the canvas, blended together as one continuous story and image.

A preview of these and other works can be seen on Avant Gallery’s website here

Avant is proud to present this emerging artist, who signed to exclusive representation with the gallery earlier this year. While Anziani has appeared in multiple solo and group exhibitions around the world — appearing in Moscow, New York City and Miami — Storytelling will be his first major show.

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