Martin Mugnolo Pink Summer 2022
Martin Mugnolo Pink Summer 2022


Fluidity as a way to navigate time and space defines Mugnolo's explorations. In his endless and dreamy summer-scapes, water can become an impenetrable mirror or a permeable membrane between worlds.


Martin Mugnolo (b.1973, Cordoba, Argentina) is a professional artist working in photography, animated drawing, and painting. After studying with plastic artist Marcelo Sampetti, Mugnolo graduated with a degree in Social Communication (Blas Pascal University, 1999). Always restless, Mugnolo became interested in design, illustration, photography, cartoons, and writing. For several years he also worked in the realm of advertising as a Creative Director and Art Director. 

Mugnolo’s dreamy summer-scapes, depicting vibrant inflatable pool floats drifting in sparkling blue waters, explore the fluidity of liquid—how it moves, rests, and changes—and draws parallels with the fluid nature of the times we live in. His compositions carry an aura of serenity, but hint at the seemingly imminent action that waits just beyond the borders of the scene he captures on canvas. One can also  see a fresh take on the influence of great contemporary artists, such as David Hockney and Jeff Koons. Mugnolo’s fascination for the beauty of hyper-realistic figures and the mysticism of surrealism led him to develop different styles that coexist in him to express his personal experiences. 

Mugnolo’s work shows a refined technique and a great capacity for transforming observation into beauty, and has been exhibited worldwide in Rome, Athens, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Malaga, Marbella, Córdoba, Mykonos, and Miami.

Martin Mugnolo Floating Alone 2022
Martin Mugnolo

Floating Alone, 2022

Oil on canvas

The intention of Mugnolo's body of work is to depict liquid; from how it flows to how it rests; from how it adapts and shapes itself to how it defies form completely.

Each painting in the Mugnolo's Liquid series is an exploration of water in all its states, infinitely reflective and charged by light.

Forms are lost because they have the ability of adapting. For them, what really matters is the Time Flow rather than the Space they might take up.

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