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Nick Veasey, Selfie, 2015. C-Type Print mounted on Plexi, Edition 9 23 × 29.5 in or 58.42 × 74.93 cm.


English artist Nick Veasey uses x-ray technology to reveal the deepest layers and peer inside all manner of subjects; people, objects, natural forms and animals. While working as a photographer and designer for a morning television show in England, he was assigned the monotonous task of X-raying soda cans to determine which ones contained a winning code for a contest sponsored by Pepsi. After three days without a winner, he X-rayed his sneakers as a form of entertainment. Veasey recalls, “It was a great image and I thought ‘there’s something to this.’ It was one of those life-changing experiences. I just left behind everything else I was doing.”Afterwards, Veasey spent the next three months working with scientists to perfect his technique. He learned to gauge object density and structure by experimenting with a variety of materials including plastic, flowers, metals and people, taking the utmost care with his living subjects. Armed with his new knowledge, Veasey easily transformed his new artistic vision into commercial success. His intriguing visuals led to assignments for Nike, Porsche, IBM, Bloomberg, and the European edition of Time.


Selfie, 2015

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