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Jacqueline Suowari, Love Over Rules, 2018. Ballpoint pen, ink, and acrylic on paper, 72 × 60 in or 182 × 152 cm.

Inspired by a recent work by Hanks Willis Thomas, created as a tribute to his cousin who was murdered in 2000.

The concept of what love is, is one that has been greatly abused. True love allows you put yourself in another person’s shoes and let’s you realize that you are not any better or special than they are. True love allows you give the benefit of doubt, it hopes for the best. True love makes you weigh your actions and reactions against how they might or might not affect a person. True love gives you the ability to appreciate and elevate humanity without discrimination and reservations, this sort of love overrules and rules over rules.


Love Over Rules, 2018



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