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Jacqueline Suowari, Comfort Zone, 2018. Ballpoint pen, ink, and acrylic on paper, 72 × 60 in or 182 × 152 cm.

I am constantly finding that people’s comfort zones and the activities which surround the notion of them can be quite fascinating. All of us have that place or that thing we indulge in privately that give us our balance.

Some people are in relationships where they should feel free to bare all and yet still feel the need to disguise and shield their comfort zone because of impending judgement from a loved one while others actually find pleasure in the secrecy of it. One of the strengths I admire in Kevwe is her ability to own up and accept that getting high as we know it, brings her peace and when asked what if this peace would bring her pain? She laughs and says, then it’s no longer peace or is it?

Jacqueline Suowari

Comfort Zone, 2018

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