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Jacqueline Suowari, Adaora, 2018. Ballpoint pen, ink, and acrylic on paper, 60 × 60 in or 152 × 152 cm.

First daughter of the people.

“Being first born, makes you automatically responsible for your younger ones because they look up to you in many ways, unconsciously imbibing character traits and making life choices from your experiences.

My parents always reminded me that it was something to be grateful for and consequently proud of and I agree. I agree that in a way, it feels good to be a leader and it feels good to be first but life does not prepare you for the daunting task of being a role model.Of being your brothers keeper. Of learning to put others first. Of being a knight in shiny armor or of being a shoulder to cry on.

Nobody prepares you for the reality of living with the expectations heaped on your shoulder but I am grateful for how having to live with and live through these experiences and expectations have shaped my life, because in the end, what seemed hard and overwhelming has contributed greatly in making me who I am.”.


Adaora, 2018

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