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Cripta Djan, Untitled, 2015. Spray paint on canvas, 30 × 38 in or 76.2 × 96.5 cm.


Djan Ivson or Cripta Djan, as he is known in the streets and in the art world, was born in 1984 in Sao Paulo, started to pixar in 1996, at the age of 13 he entered to the gang “Cripta”, from which he is part of until today. In his early teens, Djan conquered space in the metropolis realizing the largest number of pixos in radius and complexity of execution. His activity in the streets consecrated him among pixadores. He was one of the pioneers of the riskiest modalities of pixação, the “escalada” or climbing, reaching the top of sky scrappers with over 20 stories with no safety devices. After obtaining such legitimacy in the movement, Djan started to defend the cause of youngsters from the outskirts of the metropolis, becoming a leader, and a mirror, for those who wish to leave social invisibility.


Untitled, 2015

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