Antonio Del Prete

Antonio Del Prete (ADP) is an artist, actor and producer from Naples, Italy. Born into a family with humble means, his life drastically changed at the age of 12 when his mother’s career became extremely successful. From that point, he was extensively exposed to a lifestyle of travel and culture and went on to study both fashion and acting in Paris, dabbling from time to time in street art. With an interest in music as well, he played the trumpet and later learned to play the Australian didgeridoo, an instrument of the Aborigines.

ADP’s discovery of the Australian instrument lead him to delve further into Aboriginal culture and art and relied heavily on the Aboriginal dot technique in his early works. He then gradually incorporated elements of stenciling into his works, a technique he learned during his experimentation in street art. ADP’s work has evolved and encompasses a broad range of skills he has acquired throughout the years. From complex, multilayered, hand-cut stencils which require the utmost patience and precision to reworking classical paintings into whimsical political commentaries, he uses his works to critique the inescapable contradictions of the world. ADP’s works reflect his insight and a bit of humor and serve as artistic narratives that seek to contribute to social change and more moral universe.

Fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish, ADP has exhibited throughout the US and Europe. He is currently based out of Los Angeles.