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Giulie Table, Round

Giulie Table, Round

Designer: Enzo Mari
Made in Japan
Materials: oak wood and tempered glass
Dimensions: 28.3"H with 43"D glass top
Lead Time: 2-3 weeks

One of the most thoughtful and intellectually provocative Italian designers of the late 20th century, ENZO MARI (1932-) has proved as influential to younger generations of designers as to his peers as a writer, teacher, artist and designer of products, furniture and puzzle games. - Design Museum

Hida Sangyo was founded in 1920 and is one of the leading wooden fruniture makers of Japan, based in the Takayama region.  This part of Japan is known for its excellent wood craftsmanship, originating back to the 7th Century Nara period.  Craftsmen from Hida-Takayama were responsible for constructing the magnificent wooden temples of Kyoto and Nara such as the World Heritage Horyu-ji, which still stand today after 13 centuries.  This collection is made predominately of the beautiful Japanese sugi wood, realized with state-of-the-art industrial technology of wood compression.

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