Miami native Robert Macias, better known under his pen name R.M. Drake, is a poet, novelist and visual artist. His distinctive prose compels its readers in all its forms from stenciled poems on Wynwood sidewalks to Instagram posts to his over one million followers to his works of fine art.

Macias writes from the heart, using personal experiences to create lyrical text. From short stories and longer poems to succinct one-sentence verses, Macias touches his readers by displaying a genuine expression of emotion.   With a significant celebrity following on social media and self-published works landing him on Amazon.com’s best-seller list among the likes of Edgar Allan Poe and Sylvia Plath, Macias is a true anomaly.

Straddling both the fine art and literary worlds, Marcias uses the pseudonym R.M. Drake – a name coined during childhood and derived from an X-Men superhero. Despite his success, Macias maintains a low profile and chooses to focus on innovation and creation. Having always considered himself an artist rather than a poet, Macias now conveys his profound reflections and enchants readers on a larger scale with his works of art, giving his captivating words an enduring intensity.

R.M. Drake lives and works in Miami.