Having grown up in former East Germany, artist Niclas Castello was profoundly impacted by the fall of the Berlin Wall, as it opened Castello’s world and led to fascination and appreciation for color. Inspired by his mother’s talent and the fashion shows of Paris, Castello embarked on his own artistic journey and started painting. In 2001, Castello lived among other artists in the Montmartre district of Paris but left the following year to study art in Germany. After an unsuccessful attempt at academics, a disheartened Castello withdrew from the arts and eventually moved to New York City.

Castello arrived in New York City in 2004 and found shelter with performance art pioneer Arlene Schloss. The mentorship of Schloss along with the inherent inspiration of the city reignited Castello’s artistic passion leading to a new style and vision. With this re-invigoration, Castello produced new sculptures and paintings, with his series of The Kiss sculptures gaining worldwide recognition. Niclas Castello lives in Berlin and New York City.