Russian artist Murad Osmann is best known for his ongoing “Follow Me” series of works featuring his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova leading him around the world. Traveling to exotic locales and known landmarks alike, the images intrigue and endear viewers to the extent that the series started due to its viral social media success. The fascinating element of concealed identity coupled with breathtaking scenery have made this duo a social media phenomenon with over two million Instagram followers.

The series commenced in 2011 on a trip to Barcelona, with an impatient Zakharova tired of Osmann’s ceaseless photo taking. Grabbing him by the hand and eager to continue their journey, she pulled him along yet he continued to take photos, ultimately leading to the series. The pair resumes the same position in every image with Zakharova’s back turned to the camera and arm outstretched to lead Osmann. Replicating this position in spectacular settings around the globe, shows their social media followers various parts of the world from their perspective. The forethought and details in the images demonstrate Osmann’s artistic vision and talent as location, light, timing, and wardrobe play important roles in creating his visually stunning images which continue to awe viewers.

Osmann received his degree in Civil Engineering from Imperial College in London, but following his passion for the arts, he is based out of Moscow where he owns a videography firm and continues working on the “Follow Me” series.