New York City-based Kevin McHugh is no stranger to the creative arts, once a fixture in the worlds of fashion, nightlife and music. After decades managing the careers of influential artists and DJs, McHugh embarked on a journey of artistic exploration eventually leading him to a career as a visual artist.

Inspired by childhood fishing trips with his father which sparked an interest and opened his eyes to the beauty of sea life, his works focus on marine life conservation. McHugh aims to change perceptions of trophy fish by creating stunning pieces of art – renditions of marine life adorned with materials ranging from mother of pearl to brilliant crystals to leather and lacquer.

McHugh’s creative process begins with a sketch followed by a fiberglass sculpture with hand-painted details and final touch of Swarovski crystals. The end result is a luminous symbol of his message, however he also works closely with conservation groups such as Shark Savers, the Billfish Foundation and the Ibiza Preservation Society and Oceana in furtherance of his conservation quest.