Darren West was born in 1966 in West Sussex. Starting out in the neon glass blowing industry, Darren focused on the commercial appeal to his art, but now, entering his 30th year in the trade, he has started to explore the complex yet beautiful relationship between art and neon. Darren`s ethos in life along with his style of art is to challenge and investigate contemporary belief systems. He started to dissect the tensions and uncertainties at the heart of human experiences in his work. By delving into societies psyche it led him to a more provocative attitude which explores complex personal feelings and desires, resulting in expressions of love, hate, religion and war. With this in mind it also enables him to hone in on each individuals need when designing art for them. Inspired by his work, he can then unlock any erotic hidden secrets or any deep yearnings that many have the need to express or manifest. This has magnified his understanding of neon art with his own special signature. He began work on some of his most eye catching and edgy pieces to date.