Designer Chad Jensen creates works melding fine art and design, reflecting the industrial influence of his hometown Detroit. Jensen cites countless hours at the Detroit Institute of Arts coupled with Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry frescoes as his source of artistic inspiration.

After a near-fatal accident in 1998, Jensen discontinued business studies to follow his lifelong passion for art and design. He enrolled in Detroit’s College for Creative Studies where he studied under renowned industrial designers and American modern master in the studio arts. His creativity was fostered during his studies of wood, metals, hot glass, ceramics, and fibers and upon graduation he went on to redefine the manufactured process as art.

Jensen uses his over 17 years of mixed-media design and manufacturing as a fine furniture maker and expert woodworker. His designs continue to push boundaries as he explores furniture as an experimental art form that questions functionality and creates pieces like the Tippy Table, a delicate wooden table whose spindly legs appear ready to stumble away from their precarious yet purposeful position holding up the table top. He has exhibited his works in the United States and abroad, and was honored in 2011 as one of the first North Americans to participate in the Shanghai Art Fair. Jensen is based in Naples, Florida.