Property Art Solutions by Avant Gallery


Avant Gallery launches Property Art Solutions initiative, connecting developers and corporate property owners with world-class art.

Avant Gallery, which recently opened its new location at the Epic hotel in Downtown/Brickell, has launched Property Art Solutions, whereby it offers curation services for developers and property owners in the corporate sector who wish to display world-class art in their public or common areas, such as lobbies and vestibules.


According to Avant’s Founder, Dmitry Prut, “There’s a lot going on in terms of new construction especially in the Downtown/Brickell area, but there seemed to be a void in the marketplace. Property owners are building gorgeous buildings with dramatic lobbies, and lots of beautiful wall space, however the task of seeking out fitting artwork is not something that they typically have the capacity to be involved with. Property Art Solutions is a service we launched to fill that void. In the case of our recently completed project (at the Sabadell Financial Center at 1111 Brickell Ave), the property owner loved what we have done in the lobby of the Epic Hotel (where Avant is located next door) and they reached out to us to spice up and curate their own lobby. They have an amazing space and we recommended and installed several artists that fit their vibe”.


The artists on display include life-size statues by Ernest Trova (who is in many major museums around the world, including MoMA, Guggenheim, Whitney, and the Tate), 15 year old phenomenon Street artist Skyler Grey, as well as local talents including Gold Man aka Joey Goldman known for his galaxy-themed works, Metis Atash who creates contemporary versions of the Buddha statue, and R.M. Drake who is Miami’s it-boy sidewalk stencil artist and best-selling author known for his poetry and his instagram account with a fan base of over one million followers.


As a part of the arrangement with the Sabadell Financial Center, Avant will curate rotating quarterly exhibitions. Some of the art on display is available for purchase, with a generous portion of the proceeds to benefit Habitat for Humanity, a charity selected by the property owner.