CANTSTOPGOODBOY (CSGB) Makes His Television Debut

CANTSTOPGOODBOY (CSGB) makes his television debut with his signature vibrant Goodboy Blue taking center stage at American Idol. CSGB was approached by the team behind American Idol on Fox to contribute to the creative atmosphere surrounding American Idol’s finale season. Utilizing his street art background, CSGB created his signature starburst involving the images of past performers, judges and personalities, with the iconic American Idol insignia as the focal point to tie the entire piece together. CSGB had transformed a blank, empty wall in the city of Philadelphia into a captivating, refreshing piece of artwork for the global community to enjoy through its televised reveal. CANTSTOPGOODBOY’s main goal in this project was to create a work of art that represented the American Idol brand and how Idol has shaped the lives of so many Americans, while in turn reinforcing CSGB’s own personal stance on the inclusion of arts and the support of aspiring artists in unique and unconventional ways.

Available Works by CANTSTOPGOODBOY