Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, dubbed “the re-inventor”, designer and founder of BRC Designs Benjamin Rollins Caldwell creates furniture from both traditional and unconventional material. From wood, metal, glass, plastic, and stone, to playing cards, defunct pianos, reclaimed computer parts, books, bottle caps, and children’s toys, he creates series of unique handcrafted pieces, never making exact duplicates.

Caldwell sources materials from thrift and antique stores, junk yards, and abandoned warehouse where he spends countless hours letting his imagination run wild until an idea is generated. Alternatively, he may find an object that inspires an entire collection, but what remains constant is his natural process, always uncontrived as he places equal importance on both the conception and execution of an idea.

Caldwell’s “Binary” Collection garnered attention when Lady Gaga featured one of his chairs on the cover of her ArtPop album. The piece incorporates unlikely materials for a chair – motherboards, computer chips, and LED screens – which reflects Caldwell’s creative vision and transformative approach. Other Caldwell designs include a lamp composed of recycled piano keys, and a chair and table made from copper piping, among other designs using unexpected items.

Caldwell’s designs have received significant recognition and have been featured in numerous publications. He lives and works in South Carolina.