A passion for art and an equal desire to explore nature has always marked the life of Anne Andersson. Born in Sweden, Andersson first worked as an illustrator and painter while completing studies for a degree in Science. Finding her true calling in art, she eventually graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With a deep passion for wild animals facing diminishing habitats and decreasing populations, Anne mixed her diverse talents with this awareness to create a homage to wild animals that unites both art and nature. Each of her sculptures embodies her dedication to conservationist ideals and the effort to preserve these species in the wild.

Andersson’s realistic life-size animals are made using Sisal fiber extracts from Agave plants. Her use of sculpted clay for the rougher details such as noses and claws, with hand-painted fire glassed eyes, combined with her talents in weaving unite to bring her remarkable creations to life with masterful attention to the smallest, most telling details. With these techniques, Anne has met with great success exhibiting in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Her work is highly sought after and features accomplishments such as a White Bengal Tiger family commissioned by Siegfried and Roy to be displayed at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, African Lions in the Fine Arts Gallery of the MGM Grand and similar wild cats which are currently in display at Busch Gardens In Tampa, Florida. With these and countless more private collections and prestigious public displays, Anne’s work can only continue on it’s path to further success.