Our mission is to electrify your spirit, and to deliver inspiration through forward-thinking art and design.

Avant Gallery started in 2007 as a small space in Miami Beach. Ten years on, we have remained committed as ever to being a positive presence for fine art and artists in the most exciting capital of the contemporary art world. The gallery’s artists embrace unusual, forward methods of art-making.

Over the past decade, the gallery has showcased established, mid-career and emerging practitioners in the interconnected mediums of contemporary art, design, lighting concepts, sculpture and other collectibles. Our collection of works are pooled from artists of diverse ages, nationalities and histories purveyed in limited quantities with unlimited personality.

Avant Gallery makes its distinctive collection readily accessible through our website and seasonally-produced catalogues. Our constantly evolving roster of artists and artisans are now within your reach. We look forward to welcoming you to our space.