“More than anything else, I’m particular about the realistic feel of the animals.

Animals that live in nature are equal to us in the sense that we live together on this planet.

Sometimes they sleep. Sometimes they eat.

I would like to keep insisting on reality and producing my life-sized work as much as possible

in order to convey their lives”

Skyler Grey Slider


As the youngest artist ever to be internationally exhibited,

now 17 year-old Los Angeles-based Skyler Grey is a rising star

and one of the newest fixtures on the LA street art scene.


Accardi's artistic aim is the constant search for hidden human feelings yet to be discovered.


Magical urban and interior compositions, elaborated in a sophisticated system of painting and vision, touch and surprise the viewer.

DAIN Slider2016B

DAIN intriguingly combines the visual language of graffiti with old Hollywood glamour.

One of the most influential street artists to emerge from New York City,


Monopoly Slider3

Although his true identity is shrouded in mystery, Los Angeles-based Alec Monopoly

is one of today’s most recognized graffiti artists.

His unique style takes a lighthearted approach rather than the typical grim slant of street art,

differentiating him from his contemporaries and giving his art a relatable quality.


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